Future Home Of

Aruba Cultural Malls

3 Malls Along Our Main Street

Promoting entrepreneurship for San Nicolas/Pariba

A project created by and designed by OUR COMMUNITY!

– Each store representing one of our many cultures
– Cultural Retail & Services
– Food & Beverage with takeaway windows
– Education & Entertainment Center
– Multicultural Shows
– Cultural Events & Experiences

– Products for our local community
– Maintaining & promoting the multiple heritages
– of San Nicolas for generations!
– Reasonable priced retail stores available
– Stores owned by members of our community
– Built for Locals – Visitors always welcome!

San Nicolas Working Together

– A new destination to promote San Nicolas
– Enhancing our Main Street

Opening in phases throughout 2025

– Inexpensive retail stores
– Food & Beverage with an added takeout window
– Ready to move into – no cost for renovations
– Shared overhead & shared marketing keeps
– overhead low
– Professionally designed to ensure trffic to
– each store

– Multiple varied marketing measures to get traffic
– Carefully thought out to help you succeed
– Local and tourist markets
– Support services are available to help everyone be in
– business for yourself
– 3 prime lower main street locations opening in phase
– throughout 2025 to give you time to save & prepare


– Each store must represent one of our diverse cultures
– Products & services must be produced in the nation
– represented or in Aruba

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